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Name: Jessica
Birthday: November 7 1988
Age: 16 On the Edge of Seventeen...
Location: NC

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind): Stevie Nicks LoL, writing, singing, playing guitar

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community: Sheena and Kimbo

Favorite Quotes (s): Anything that comes out of Stevie Nicks's mouth :-)

Who inspires you?: Stevie Nicks bet you didn't see that one coming lol Some other ppl are Bette Midler, Paula Abdul, and Lindsey Buckingham

Where have you promoted us?: like I just joined so no where lol

Anything in this community you'd like to see? (Ideas always welcome): Some Stevie Nicks or Paula abdul stuff, and you can throw in some Brett Tuggle stuff that would be super hott.

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