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~*~The World Is Full Of Stories~*~

~*~And The Stories Are All One~*~

~*~Ruby Pier~*~
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The idea for this community is based on a Yahoo! group that my best friend and I own. We had been having some trouble with rumors and things like that. So we decided to create a place for everyday, average people. A place where for just a few minutes out of the day, life can be perfect. We can have our own little world and some very rare and special friends to share it with. It sound really corny I know. I first had the idea after reading the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" which was written by Mitch Albom. In this book the main character works at a little amusement park called Ruby Pier. The basis for the park was so kids could be kids and so could adults. In a perfect world we would never grow up, never have tough times, and never have to deal with hatred or anger. So, the group was born and now we are proud to announce the arrival of it's sister, right here on Live Journal. We hope you have fun here. Remember "There are many stories in life. And the stories are all one."

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♥ : When you join, please fill out the survey below on this info page; it gives us a good idea of who is joining our community.
♥ : Promote! We can't keep this community going if no one joins! :o)
♥ : R-E-S-P-E-C-T! No name calling, flaming, any sort of abuse. You will be banned immediately!
♥ : If someone posts icons/graphics that they've made, do NOT steal; at least comment before taking any and if the member has inquired that crediting is a must...just do it, please.
♥ : Have fun and feel free to give out a suggestion!

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