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Welcome New Members! 
10:11pm 06/09/2005
mood: excited
Just a quick post to welcome our two newest members martinisnolives  andgypsydreams_8. Glad you're both here.
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09:05pm 05/09/2005
  Name: Coco
Birthday: May 23
Age: 17
Location: Somewhere in north-ish United States

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind): CSI!! Writing, stuff like that.

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community: future_csi3 :D

Favorite Quotes (s): "He did not wear his scarlet cloak, for blood and wine are red, and blood and wine were on his hands when they found him with the dead, the poor dead woman whom he loved and murdered in her bed."

Who inspires you?: I've been finding it very hard to find any inspiration and very discouraging that I never find it.

Where have you promoted us?: I haven't yet but I will, I promise

Anything in this community you'd like to see? (Ideas always welcome): nothing springs to mind. Sorry :/
08:54pm 05/09/2005
mood: bitchy
Name: Jessica
Birthday: November 7 1988
Age: 16 On the Edge of Seventeen...
Location: NC

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind): Stevie Nicks LoL, writing, singing, playing guitar

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community: Sheena and Kimbo

Favorite Quotes (s): Anything that comes out of Stevie Nicks's mouth :-)

Who inspires you?: Stevie Nicks bet you didn't see that one coming lol Some other ppl are Bette Midler, Paula Abdul, and Lindsey Buckingham

Where have you promoted us?: like I just joined so no where lol

Anything in this community you'd like to see? (Ideas always welcome): Some Stevie Nicks or Paula abdul stuff, and you can throw in some Brett Tuggle stuff that would be super hott.

Icon Contest... 
08:48pm 05/09/2005
mood: curious

Okay guys, we're going to try something a little new. It's not new to LJ of course, because they're floating all over, but it's time to bring it to Ruby. Kim has said something about maybe starting an icon contest here at the Pier. Before we actually set it in motion I wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

Some of the deatils are like this: each week/month there will be a new theme. All participants will be required to make an icon with that theme. The pic won't matter or anything; just make sure it pertains to the theme listed. That's really all the details I can give you for now. This is still in working stage. Anyway, tell me or Kim what you all think. Hopefully, it'll be something we can all do together and have fun with.

Idea courtesy of soymilknpepsi . Also known more fondly as your co-mod! LoL!

Time To Get This Party Started 
03:28am 21/08/2005
mood: hopeful

 Alright, what is the deal?! We need to get this community more active. So as of now I am requesting we tak inventory of everyone who has joined. I want to know who is here and what they'd like to see in this community. Name anything from icons to song lyrics to quotes and all the way down to new movies being released. Just something. Someone please say something! And please if you are a member of another community please promote, promote, promote! We need more members. I'll make a banner a bit later on. That way if you have permission to advertise on your other communities you'll have a banner to use.

This has been a message from your moderator future_csi3

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Something We Can All Do Together... 
02:17am 05/06/2005
mood: creative
Okay everyone, this community is kind of blah right now. So I have decided on a way to get things going. I think it would be cool if we do sort of like an awards type thing. Sort of like The Oscars, but for Ruby Pier. And to start things off I have thought of the first one to be handed out. The category is:

Best Serious Movie Quote.

Which quote sticks out in your mind? Which one tore at your heart and made you think. Which one made more sense than putting syrup on your waffles? LoL! It's all up to you. Put in your nominations. And then we'll all vote! Have fun! And remember, no nitpicking other people's vote. This is supposed to be a friendly place.
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seems interesting :) 
03:36pm 01/05/2005

Name: Aimee

Birthday: March 14, 1987

Age: 18
Location: Stockton, CA

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind):
Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, The X-Files, Xena, Stargate SG-1, America's Next Top Model, reading, Sara Evans!, Shania Twain, Brad Paisley, Dixie Chicks, and other music, um, chihuahuas, movies, i'm a big movie junkie, and yeah there's other stuff, i just cant think of it

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community:
soymilknpepsi  is a really cool person

Favorite Quotes (s):
"Dear Diary, today my heart leapt when Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion" - Mulder and

"Did Ed ball his mellons?" - my friend Grace

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Rocky Horror Picture Show SO needs to be in the interests of this group! ;P 
05:12pm 01/05/2005
  Name: Brandy
Birthday: February 27, 1985
Age: 20
Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind):
singing, reading, writing, RHPS RHPS RHPS RHPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhm, tv, hamsters, etc.

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community:
'Cause Sheena and Kim are my buddies.

Favorite Quotes (s):
"I'm a dumbass and didn't wish my friend Sheena a happy 20th b-day." -Me :( I kept looking at the calendar, and then the day had come and gone. I guess I'm just a bad friend. :(
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Welcome To Ruby Pier... 
05:08pm 30/04/2005
mood: cheerful
Hey everyone! I know there are only four of us so far, but I thought I'd post anyway. I'm excited about this community. Hopefully, it will grow and it will be just as great as it's sister on Yahoo. I thought that maybe a good way to start things off would be for everyone to do quick intros about themselves. This way people will follow the example when they join and we'll know who our friends are and what they're into. Sound cool? Since it was my idea, I'll start. And yes, this would be the very cool, very effective, and very brief intro format to follow. :p

Name: Sheena
Birthday: April 18, 1985
Age: 20
Location: Chespaeake, VA

Favorites and Hobbies (of any kind):
CSI, Reba, Country music, music in general, reading, writing, Cold Case, Without A Trace, Wynonna, The Judds, Singing, collecting angel stuff, photography

Reason For Being Here or How You Found This Community:
Co-owner with my best friend. I just thought it would be awesome to have somewhere that everyone is welcome no matter what they like, who they are, what they plan on doing in life, etc. And I love the idea of a place where everyone is friends.

Favorite Quotes (s):
"As we grow up, we learn that the one person who isn't supposed to let you down, probably will, and the one person that you never thought would be there for you, is. You're going to have fights with your friends, you're going to lose some of your friends, you may even fall in love with one of your friends.You will eventually lose someone you love, and love someone you never thought you'd find. People are going to hate you, love you, love to hate you, and hate to love you. But the ones who mean the most to you will always be there."
~ Sex and The City

"Thing is, I tend not to believe people. People lie. The evidence doesn't lie."
-Gil Grissom-
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